Brendan R.

Brendan is our Production Manager, but we're pretty convinced he's also a wizard. He's personally crafted thousands upon thousands of individually personalized flip-flops and, while he says there isn't any magic involved, we find it rather hard to believe him.

Emily S.

Operations Manager and wielder of what we lovingly call the "Baseball Bat of Employee Motivation," Emily keeps the company running smoothly through a careful balance of good leadership and baseball-bat related "motivation."

Mike S.


...we suspect he's our webmaster, graphic designer, and media manager.

Claire W.

Emily's right (and left) hand in the office, Claire holds dominion as the queen of phones and LiveChat. If you've talked to customer service, you've talked to Claire.

Victor T.

Assumed Production-Wizard-in-Training, Victor assists Brendan in producing thousands of personalized FlipSidez. We questioned him about the use of magic on the production floor but, like his superior, he remains tight-lipped.

Devin M.

Self-proclaimed Overlord of Shipping and Receiving, Devin has likely gone mad with power. Yet no one can breach his defenses to overthrow his tyrannical rule, as a solid wall of shipping boxes prevents us from coming within a dozen feet of him.

Henry P.

FlipSidez manufacturer by day, Henry is also a talented stage magician who keeps the entire office staff on their toes: we never know where the next playing card is going to show up.

David K.

A summer helper on our production line, David doesn't always wear flip-flops (safety around machinery, folks!). But when he does, he wears FlipSidez. He IS the second most interesting man in the world.

Scott O.

Our Founder, President, and self-proclaimed "Chief Executive Janitor," Scott founded FlipSidez in 2010, ending his years-long search to find a company able to do what FlipSidez does now. From sourcing material to working with customers to sweeping the floors, Scott does a little bit of everything, all the time, everywhere.

The FlipSidez Story

FlipSidez: A Flip-Flop Revolution

Everybody knows flip-flops. First worn by ancient Egyptians over six thousand years ago, flip-flops are now an international phenomenon worn and loved by millions worldwide. They come in thousands of styles and colors but, until now, almost all of them left boring footprints in the sand just like any other shoe or sandal.

We've changed that. Founded in 2010, FlipSidez is an American company dedicated to creating fun and original Sand Imprint Flip-Flops. This special style of flip-flop has a design imprinted in the sole of the sandal so that each step leaves a personalized message or design in the center of every footprint. The first and only company capable of producing these unique flip-flops with no minimum order quantity, FlipSidez takes pride in our affordable prices, fast turnaround time, and high customer satisfaction.

Haven't I Seen These Before?

Perhaps. FlipSidez isn't actually the first company to sell footwear with debossed or die cut soles: the idea has been around for over 25 years. However, due to a production process with high set-up costs, the only customers that have been able to enjoy imprint footwear have been large companies and organizations that can afford to buy and import them in very large quantities. It wasn't a very forgiving process: every pair had to be die cut with the same design, and manufacturing and shipping from Asia meant that orders wouldn't be received for weeks or even months.

Here at FlipSidez we use a patent-pending process that allows us to make made-to-order flip-flops with personalized designs and no minimum order quantity. This gives our customers incredible freedom when placing orders: an order of one hundred pairs with one hundred different designs is as easy for us to produce as one hundred pairs of the same design. Whether you want to order a pair or two as gifts, or you're part of an organization interested in our incredible wholesale pricing, FlipSidez has the flip-flops for you.

See For Yourself!

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